Our Company

BAC Couriers began its very small and uneventful journey back in 2011 as a company with extremely high aspirations of transforming the online shopping industry in Guyana. As a result we have evolved into Guyana’s first delivery focused online shopping platform with the main emphasis being placed on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Services Offered


This is specifically tailored to our customers who do not have their own cards. With this service you get the benefit of having one of our dedicated team members take over the entire ordering process for you. All that is required of you are the links (url) of your desired purchase along with any necessary details such as size/color. Once the required down-payment is made, your order is placed and you are later contacted via phone or email once it is available for pickup/delivery. It’s that simple!


Our mailbox service allows customers to purchase online using their own cards by having their order shipped to a US Address in Miami provided by us. Once your packages arrive at our facility we process and ship them to Guyana within 3 business days. Depending on your needs, subscribing at the semi-annual fee of GYD$3195 will give you the benefit of shipping all of your items at an attractively low shipping rate of  just GYD$596/pound; which is great if you are a frequent shipper.

Other complimentary benefits and additional services for your convenience:

– Hassle free claims assistance with all orders.
– Customs clearing **Duty charges will apply.
– Shipping protection against theft and damage.
– Shipping to US Address.
Free consolidation on orders placed by us.
– Delivery & Payment pickup.
– Automatic status updates.
– Order tracking on our website