Please allow for an additional 1 to 3 business for USPS packages to be processed at our warehouse as the USPS office servicing this zip code (33122) does not deliver to warehouses. Instead, packages are collected on a weekly basis from the USPS facility by one of our warehouse personnel.

  • Rates are USD$6 for the first pound and USD$2.80 for each additional pound! And remember, we only charge for ACTUAL WEIGHT so you can rest assured that you won’t be paying for boxes of air.
  • Also, please note that we do not offer consolidation from this facility so packages will be shipped as they are received.
  • For perfume/cologne and nail polish shipments, please send us a copy of the invoice and tracking number(s) as soon as you receive the information.
  • If your shipments are 150 pounds or more per week, please contact us for special rates.
  • Please ensure that all shipments include an account number in the appropriate format as assigned by BAC Couriers. We will not be responsible for misplaced packages shipped without account numbers.
  • Please review our list of restricted items (cannot be shipped).


Once you’re happy with your quote and have decided you’d like to proceed with the order, then the next step would be to make your downpayment. Orders will only be placed after the downpayment is made.

If your total quotation is less than $100 000, then the required downpayment will be a minimum of 50% of the overall quote.
If your total quotation is more than $100 000, then the required downpayment will be a minimum of 75% of the overall quote.
Please note that you can opt to pay an amount higher than the required downpayment stated.
Upon collection of your order, the remaining balance is due in its entirety.

We have several payment options available.


Customers have a maximum of 14 days from the date of arrival in Guyana to collect their orders. Failure to do so within this time frame will result in the assessing of a holding fee of GYD$2000 .
After TWO(2) months of not collecting an item, it will be posted for sale with your downpayment being forfeited.

BAC Couriers reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any, or no, reason whatsoever. BAC Couriers also reserves the right to change its rates, charges, terms of service without prior notice.

Claims & Disputes

Filing a claim/dispute is a relatively easy process with BAC Couriers as we are always fully COMMITTED to helping YOU!

  1. Send us a detailed description of your claim including pictures of the item actually received, and a link of the item ordered.
  2. Your claim will be reviewed and acknowledged within 24 hours. A copy of the order confirmation will be forwarded to you if it is determined that the seller is at fault.
  3. We will forward the details you provided to us to your seller. Please allow up to 72 hours for us to receive a reply from your seller.
  4. We will send a copy of your seller’s response to you with any solution being offered by the seller.


The duration and outcome of a claim/dispute will be entirely dependent on the terms of the seller of your item.