Standard Shipping Rates

Order Service/Standard Rates.

  • First pound charge – USD$8
  • Each additional pound – USD$3

Mailbox Service Rates.

  • First pound charge – USD$6
  • Each additional pound – USD$2.80
  • Insurance – USD$1.9 Minimum

Other Charges


There will be charge of USD$10 billed per hazardous item for all shipments consisting of hazardous materials. Common hazardous products are items such as fragrances, nail polish, and other flammable/ corrosive products. We suggest contacting us before shipping such products.


  • A minimum of USD$1.9 will be charged on all invoices and will insure packages against incidental loss or damage up to USD$50 in value. Additional insurance coverage may be requested before the shipment is en route to the final destination port. Packages must be inspected in the presence of a BAC rep in order to qualify for reimbursement.